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Sandy Wexler Review

The latest Adam Sandler/Netflix comedy has arrived. Is it any good?

Searching Shudder – Witching and Bitching (2013)

The latest expedition into what horror streaming service Shudder has to offer unearthed the bizarre Spanish horror comedy Witching and Bitching.

Searching Shudder – The Corpse of Anna Fritz (2015)

If you go down to the morgue today, you’re sure of a big surprise in this Shudder exclusive.

Searching Shudder – We Go On (2016)

Shudder Exclusive We Go On is an interesting entry into the supernatural genre, but ultimately lacks the fear factor.

Searching Shudder – Sadako Vs Kayako (2016)

The Ring Vs The Grudge isn’t quite the supernatural slobberknocker the title suggests.

Searching Shudder – 31 (2016)

31, Rob Zombie’s latest film made possible by crowdfunding, is the type of grimy exploitation flick that the director has thrived on creating.

I Don’t Feel at Home in This World Anymore Review

The Grand Jury Prize winner at Sundance Film Festival 2017 is a thoroughly entertaining off-kilter thriller, and strong directorial debut from Macon Blair that feels like an unofficial companion piece to Blue Ruin.

Michael Bolton’s Big, Sexy Valentine’s Day Special Review

Michael Bolton Needs You…To make babies.

Negotiating Netflix 2017: Vol. 1 – The Rezort, Parker, The Keeping Room, I Am the Pretty Thing That Lives in the House

Welcome to the first volume of our foray into the expanse of Netflix in 2017. Did we find treasure or dust?

Negotiating Netflix – The Guv’nor Review

Directed by Paul Van Carter this documentary takes a look at the life of notorious hard man Lenny McClean, as seen through the eyes of his son Jamie.

Negotiating Netflix: Hunt For The Wilderpeople

*counts on fingers*

This film is so good
And now it is on Net-flix.
Go watch it right now. Continue reading

Perusing Prime: The Sweeney: Paris Review

There’s a French remake of The Sweeney available on Amazon Prime – how does it translate without Ray Winstone?